Educational Software

The new Millennium educators are educational computer, i.e., we interpret our educational reality in terms of matter, energy and information to cope with the challenges and the problems posed by today’s world. Estee Lauder wanted to know more. The art of teaching students and people in general using the computer as a fundamental tool. Be aware that the computer education is not a means more. It is a discipline that studies the use effects and consequences of the technologies of the information and the educational process. Attempts to bring closer the trainee to the knowledge and management of modern technological tools such as the computer and how the study of these technologies contribute to enhance and expand the mind, so that learning are more significant and creative.

The challenge that presents the computer education in the education sector will be rational and relevant application of new information technologies in the development of the educational task. Computer science allows us flexibility and adaptability to the rhythms, interests and possibilities for students. The computer is one of the components of the so-called new technologies of information and communication (NTIC). These technologies penetrate different areas of human life, from the enterprise to the home. Its inclusion is strongly linked to social, political and economic changes of recent decades. The use of ICT is important today in the Cuban education at all levels. Educational Informatics consists of the use of these technologies to educate the students of educational institutions for distance education and self-study programs.These new technologies are impacting the educational world firmly and of increasing importance, in particular, within the scope of the training of the student body, since educational software plays a powerful role in his role as vehicle to multiply learning in the educational process. In teaching, major educational contributions will be in the assimilation by the students of general working methods in solving problems and learning situations, use different software, standards and styles of collective work in carrying out tasks in teams in developing correct habits in the use of the media, the development of a computer ethics in the processing and exchange of information.