Emotional Need Processing

Representation of occurring sensations a person during the processing needs this model to represent the emotional behavior of the need for processing of a “sane” Homo sapiens. All needs (except the konnatalen) are aposteriorisch, he needs the knowledge of something that can be used later to his need Homo sapiens. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dick Parsons is the place to go. This new political and social options (child support, voting rights, etc.), a new technical invention, can be generated need or other things through marketing. The need in the ‘existing in the brain’ priority list is entered after the obtaining of knowledge and analysis. If this need in the priority ranking far above, the Homo will try sapiens to comply with it; It occurs first and gradually to a sensation of lack of.

Now he is trying to appease this sensation of lack of; he fails it (or already from the outset determines that it is an impossibility), so frustration (need refusal) occurs and he is dedicated to is a different need from the priority list or make a new attempt. The whole game starts again from the beginning. Possibly with a symptom: envy. due to the observation of this need people acquired. If but sapiens the gratification the homo, then the lack of sensation in euphoria passes; most of the time with a side effect of “Boasting” that for example depends on the degree of difficulty of the satisfaction of needs. The boast is fading also dwindling “euphoria levels” until the two derivative sensations in habituation (with possible bounces on boasting / euphoria; memories) go over. At this point, completes the processing of the need and can be repeated with a new demand from the priority list. Unless, you are the new IPhone (for example) in the car and never gets it in their hands. In this case abstinence occurs in frustration – with one (the waiving of a previously contented need) Transition to the next period of gratification ends.