Emotions In Business

What is emotion? Madduck as defined in his book "Marketing to the Mind" (fig.1) the emotion is "a feeling produced by the subconscious at the chance to meet a basic need that prompts the body to work for." Other authors (see references) define emotion as "an immediate response of the body that tells you the degree of favorability of a stimulus or situation." This indicates that we can feel emotions of two types: positive and negative, depending on how favorable perceived outcomes for our protection and development as individuals. In this way, we could say that people experience positive emotions when what we perceive is an aid for our welfare and feel negative emotions when what we perceive is a threat to our sense of security and personal development. Thinking and feeling Business communication is characterized by its persuasive speech in which he tries to convince the potential client purchases through rational arguments and / or emotional. In this sense, direct marketing is known for its ability to argument and brand communication (also called "branding") for its emotional content. The emotional marketing becomes a mixture of persuasive power of the best direct marketing, broadcast in a communication code itself of the best brand advertisements in which the emotions come to the surface. It is to unite the power of reason and emotion in the same strategy, even though deep down we all know that they are not separated. For more information see this site: ratch.

In his book "Emotional Intelligence" Daniel Goleman shows us how the mind and heart are completely linked in our decision process. The emotion comes to be the bridge between needs and behavior and is part of an indivisible whole that is the intelligence that could be classified into two groups: head and heart, reason and emotion, neocortex and amygdala. Human beings think and feel so indivisible. Every decision we make implies a process of reflection that goes beyond mere logical reasoning. In fact all our decisions are the result of a conscious, rational and other emotional (and sometimes subconscious) that drives us to it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gavin Baker Atreides Management. In any case, reason and emotion form a perfect balance in humans (see fig. 2) establishing a countervailing balance between them. And that the 1st part of this interesting article. Next week, in the 2nd and final part, Pere Rosales you talk about the power of emotion, emotional Marketing = experience marketing on what customers want? Affectivity and effective. Do not miss it! gladiator. "