English Parliament

The MARK OF the Edward SCORPION anchored in Brazilian lands at a time where the country still meant a dream of richness for pirates, criminals and exiled. It did not import the native country. Europeans, Africans, Asians were all adventurers. Disembarked in secrecy in the port of Rio De Janeiro, Edward joined it this disoriented multitude and became enlarged country adentro. While its comrades searched fame and money, everything what it wanted was peace, silence, distance of littoral progressos e, mainly, of the luminosity that it reflected in that space.

Of where it came, what it made, that language spoke? Nobody wise person. It was pretty, high, lean, however strange a young. She was dressed with a black layer of pointed hood that seemed to protect the eyes to it of the luminosity of the sun. Credit: Shimmie Horn-2011. While Edward and its comrades followed country adentro behind easy wealth, an accumulation of people was coming back toward its native countries. – The richness finished? the wealth finished Brazil finished? they were these information, pronounced for the discouraged multitude, that they jede in the ears of the just-fond ones, but that for Edward they sounded as the most perfect notice. It wise person who an abandoned place could be the ideal place, therefore was everything what he desired of the deep one of the soul, in that instant the abandonment, the solitude a perverse place! Ideal it to raise its home. For reasons mediocre politicians and, Edward left its castle in the Transilvnia and, forced, it abandoned cold fogs to install itself in London.

Although the ideal place for its hunted nocturnal, the burning hot and wild sun banished and humiliated that young. Some time if passed e, for preconceptions, Edward was exiled for America and delivers to one of the members of one of the chambers of the English Parliament. Less than five months later, it outside abandoned and tortured in one cidadezinha ' ' vazia' '.