European Interbank

For 2005 the euribor which is the European Interbank Offered Rate or rather European type interbank offered which until then had fallen, began their climb and thereby altering and the resulting rise in mortgage payments and in just a year regained the descent which at the time had. I’m one of those citizens of the street, in just one year my mortgage payment has reached almost doubled my monthly salary is not the same, is my wife the contract ends after 4 years of work without breaks, we did not expect it. At IBI Group you will find additional information. We and hundreds of foreigners and not foreign have problems, sales are on the ground, in my company monthly expenses bleeders few revenue, advertising charges can not be downloaded, royalties either, several offices with more seniority and less results begin to close, things do not walk very well, even if we We pass by the collective panic call; but expenses exceed income, thus you can not endure for a long time, large amounts of money obtained years ago begin to be thoroughly unbearable instability, the word bankruptcy round all day and before suffering an illiquidity greater best finish with societies in time and I think that the time to leave the company now. Used housing is not sold, in each building you can see 4, 5 or more posters of different housing, do not need intermediaries, we need to sell them, however you will always be the option of new construction, will I have to start from scratch again and look for work in what I can play me, in my new home city can locate me in the promotion of housing one of the most important Spanish construction and fortunately in 7 months achievement a small improvement economic after the debacle that I dropped, but have to have confidence in oneself and in the economy of the country, so, shortly after I they call from a local promoter with better pay and better working conditions, I am excited, central Government ensures that the I.M.F.