Exchanges Canada

Why just Canada as the host country for a student exchange Canada is the second largest country in the world after the United States, and also the second most popular destination for the exchange of students. Approximately 1,800 German teenagers decide annually for a student exchange in Canada and travel to the host country in North America, which last but not least with its bilingual English and French as official languages has much to offer them. The land of the Maple Canada is not only known for its landmark the Maple and a unique landscape with endless wide, huge national parks and the longest coastline in the world. Also a very high quality of life with great education and standard of care, and extraordinary cultural performance is attributed to the country. If you are not convinced, visit Shimmie Horn. While it stands out due to its great diversity: the ten provinces and three territories, which includes the land, all have a history of their own, population and economic structure, so that it for a visitor in the is multicultural environment is much to be discovered. The Canadian mosaic”especially in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal is the cultural diversity clearly: trendy pubs and bars, a wide theatre and musical scene, countless museums and galleries, a variety of Cafes and restaurants offer is great! But the colorful population structure of the immigrant, and Globe-Trotter country that receives every year about 200,000 people from all over the world, enriched the cultural and social life through the diverse beliefs and origins constantly.

This is reflected also in the hospitality, you learned optimism and openness to the world of 30 million Canadians down Finally, to reconcile different ways of life, without losing the cultural identity of the individual. Referred to the people as Canadian mosaic is not in vain”. Excellent school system in addition to this great diversity and openness, thanks to which a guest student quickly can integrate makes a good host country also the federal school system in Canada. The PISA results show that the country enjoys an excellent reputation for its high quality of education not free all over the world. While a holistic approach is not pursued to rote memorize academic learning set, but rather: individual support and a wide range of subjects, qualified and motivated teachers and flexible teaching timetables provide a high academic qualification, but emphasis is also given to the development of personality.

After full day classes, accordingly a variety of sporting and cultural activities are offered in Canadian schools so that can promote individual talents, strengthened the self-confidence, and developed a sense of community and social skills. Advantage of bilingualism the cultural diversity, the many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, the unique landscape and the excellent school system not reasons are enough, to make Canada, the host country will be at the latest convinced by the bilingualism of the country. Because Exchange student can benefit incredibly from it. “The possibility for a bilingual Exchange, for example by visiting a school, the the program of French immersion” offers. This designed school life in English, while the teaching of some subjects in French. It is also possible to log on to a purely English-speaking school and still to come by placing in a French host family in contact with the second national language. This everyday dealing with two foreign languages at the same time imply an additional challenge for the exchange students. Who wants to better concentrate on only one language can place itself but also in an appropriate area and still benefit by choosing between two languages in the same country. Sven GIESE