False Security

Security means, no risk, no excitement, no challenge. Security means no growth. In addition, security is a myth. You lie to a person living on this earth, saying that the system remains the same, but you will never have security. Connect with other leaders such as Fabrizio Freda here. And though not a myth would be a horrible way to live. The certainty removes the excitement and emotion … and growth. The word security in the sense that we used here, refers to external guarantees, possessions such as money, a house, a car, a good job defenses a good position in society. But there is a different type of security that IS worth seeking; s internal security that gives you the confidence in yourself and in your ability to solve any problem that you present.

This is the only lasting security, the only real security and travel a little to the imagination, imagine that right now as you’re reading this, somebody violently down on you, you naked and takes you to a helicopter. Without warning, without money, nothing but yourself. Suppose that takes you into the middle of Red China and you drop into a field. You’d have to settle with the new language, new customs, new and unique atmosphere that you would be yourself. I would survive or crumble? Can you make friends, get food, clothing, housing and other things? Or you’d be just lying on the midfield lamenting how miserable you are by what happened to you? If you needed external security, you’d die because you have removed all your possessions. But if you have internal security and you’re not afraid of the unknown, then survive.

Do not fall into the trap of such external security since you stripped of your ability to live, grow and accomplishment. Well, maybe you have your opinion on this issue, I have mine, can you agree with what he says Dyer, or may not, just as if you think otherwise are simply two different ways of thinking and seeing life . I wanted to bring this issue because many write saying they do not dare, it is not now, not yet, so that later they postponed a decision that can change their lives. No matter which way you will begin your way on the Internet, it only matters what you start. Do not be influenced by anyone if you prefer, have the advantage of choosing what you love, and from that place to start. But do not expect security, because I think you can find in this medium, and if you really decided to make internet in your new option, you have no choice but to begin. I leave you this gift for the end. And yet even have things offers some security, people admire (and envy) that have a vision of the new, which breaks new ground, to those who dare to move. Erich Fromm Either way we agree on something, which is that total security is very difficult to achieve, although there is a safety and security of knowing that if you put your mind to something, you will get it.