Federal Association Service

Federal Association of the services industry represents the interests of more than 100,000 services food – Wolfgang Waschulewski, Managing Director of KoTTER aviation security and President of the Federal Association of German hooponopono and security companies (BDWS), has been appointed now tariff policy of the Association of the service economy (BDWi) to the Chairman of the working group. The BDWi stands for 26 branches of the service economy, whose trade associations have joined together in the BDWi. The Association represents more than 100,000 service companies, which are mainly medium-sized shaped. If you would like to know more about Jorge Perez, then click here. The holdings of the member associations of the BDWi employees total more than a million in Germany and beyond. I look forward to the new task, because the BDWi as representing the interests of the service economy in the future is becoming increasingly important”, emphasises Wolfgang Waschulewski. BDWi President Werner Kusters thanked Wolfgang Waschulewski for readiness, this working group in the future to Guide.” The importance of collective bargaining policy is currently again clear: on request of the BDWS and the Trade Union of public service and services (GoD) the security and safety sector is recorded now in addition to other sectors in the Act. This nationwide uniform minimum wages apply in the future in the security industry.