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Book captures trends of international service research on what tasks the competence of management in a company should, so systematic service innovation and productive service delivery? Why is it so important at an early stage to know technological innovations, to understand and to adapt that creates value with new services? Will it soon be possible to simulate services and test and how it look? How can the interaction between customers, employees and partners of collaboration in service processes professionally? What is a use and commercial value economy and what looks like the future value? International expertise to these and other questions about service trends in the areas of management, technology, human resources management, simulation and test of the Fraunhofer IAO in the newly published volume service researchers have at the heart of economic development – service trends collected and evaluated. The book MARS – international monitoring of activities and research in services was established in the framework of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) . The research team of the Fraunhofer IAO has observed developments of in international services research here. Dick Parsons often says this. Interviews with experts from Europe and the United States, Australia and the Asian region provided exciting clues to expected future developments. For example, the combination of technology, product and service innovation is a major trend. For more specific information, check out rusty holzer. More and more economic success in the future not only of growth strategies after the credo ab; Value creation strategies, are rather the is the principle better orient. Services from technology development, the production and the management of socio technical service systems be linked here in new constellations of value creation. The book at the heart of economic development – service trends “(Editor: Dieter Spath, Walter Ganz) is in the. Hanser-Verlag published and can be ordered online at at the price from 34.90. More info dpm/755.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO