For A Good Working Climate, You Need Good Ingredients

Delphi gastro training offers communication seminar: participants of the currently ongoing chef course of delphi gastro training in Cologne get all that. Under the title leadership for the kitchen line”give the trainer Ulli Ferber, Gernot Badal and Andreas Laing these qualifications. The three coaches have created an each individual communication recipe to prepare the aspiring chef for directing a crew between stove, pots and pass. Personnel management, marketing, and customer service are the specialty of Ulli Ferber. As a chef and hotel business, Andreas Laing brings his many years of experience in the management of large kitchen brigades into the game while Gernot Badal as trainer and coach puts his emphasis on the development of an own attitude and the recognition of values. In our seminars is about more than the ingredients for a good working atmosphere”, Ulli Ferber is white. The particular situation of stress in high requirements in terms of communication and contact development team game is an often multicultural crew.” As awareness of the importance of the own attitude is conveyed in the first step participants. In this way, the budding chef, for example learning how relationships are deepened, maintained and designed.

In small groups, practical situations are trained in the second step. Fun to try out is our priority”, Andreas Laing promises. No one will be turned. He should be picked there, where it now stands. This ensures that is developing a feeling for their own behavior.

This way a value that can be applied to the situation in the group is created.” The new beginning is at the end of the course. Reflected, precise communication is the important basis of in the work process, reduces friction and stress situations and provides a clear description of the duties”, Gernot contains Badal together. Ilona Eiserman image: behind the scenes is also Communication is extremely important. Gernot Bockle, Ulli Ferber and Andreas Laing (v.l.) care in their seminar to the de rigueur in the kitchen.