German Energy Agency

Dena and MyHammer start cooperation MyHammer starts cooperation with the German Energy Agency (dena) – new energy saving Regulation (EnEV) Advisor series on renewable energy on – with MyHammer craftsmen into force on October 1, 2009 – and service providers for more energy efficiency in the home care and operating costs Berlin, September 14, 2009, in time for the entry into force of the new energy saving Regulation (EnEV) on October 1, 2009 MyHammer Germany number starts one under the online market-places for trade and service contracts a cooperation with the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena). In the framework of this cooperation, the companies inform together about energy-efficient construction and modernisation. Especially with regard to the current developments in the field of energy saving enlightenment is important because lack of knowledge of the new regulation can be really expensive in the future for the homeowner: disregarding the EnEV 2009 threatening fines of up to 50,000 euros. It is so for Give a series of guides homeowners and future home builders with MyHammer, which regularly informed about energy-related issues. The first Advisor starts on solar thermal with interesting facts on the topic of solar heat\”, the subject insulation comes in the autumn\”.

We are pleased to be able to provide our users the expertise of dena on our platform available. We are sure that energy efficiency per se will be the theme in the next few years in the area of construction and modernisation\”, says Gerrit Muller, Chairman of the MY-HAMMER AG. Thomas Kwapich, head of dena for energy-efficient buildings, says: Just due to energy modernisation and renewable energies can save homeowners money, increase the value of their home and make an important contribution to climate protection. With MyHammer delivering important information about the builders.\” 2009 the legislator aims with the \”EnEV\” to reduce the energy consumption of residential buildings and a further step to put towards climate protection through energy-efficient construction.