Golf Courses

Golf and feel – without men whether in the car, on the slopes or on the golf course: when men their women on the jumps want to help the learning success is questionable, and the marriage crisis inevitable. Golf courses for women by women ( de/golf-resort/golfakademie/golf-kurse.html) following this realization, organized the Golf Academy of the Hartl Resort Bad Griesbach ( de/golf-resort/golfakademie.html) for the first time golf courses by women for women. Now, courses only for female participants – a taster course for beginners, an advanced course for advanced golfers – were designed specifically for the female target group can be found in the training and further education program by Europe’s largest training center for golfers at regular intervals. Golf teachers and golf Proetten in the Hartl golf resort by teachers – ladies are exclusively by Proetten, so golf teachers in the Hartl Golf Resort ( de/golf-resort/golfakademie/golf-professionals.html). Credit: MPC Capital-2011. teaches – about the syllabus to the methodology to the lessons one hundred percent on the individual needs of women were to cut. Men’s participation is prohibited. Women learn differently than men – preferably in a relaxed atmosphere and without pressure or paternalism, know Geraldine bode, professional in the Hartl Resort which, leads the new women’s courses together with Mrs Kathrin Kreil.

Men the competition plays an important role, its own performance and the result on the score card. It’s women, however, more about the game. They focus on themselves and their bodies in the different phases of the swing. ” To coordinate teaching specifically on golfers, was therefore one thing makes sense and really brings on the women, Geraldine bode is convinced. “That there are only female participants in the course, also is crucial to the success of learning: if women themselves are, the mood is simply loose. You build a competitive pressure and deal with their mistakes openly and constructively.

Golf lessons for women the first woman courses, which were held in August in the Hartl Resort, documenting that the concept meets the lower Bavaria in the black: the response has been overwhelming, many women took the new courses in the Hartl Resort in claim and drew a positive conclusion: “I felt very good and I could finally concentrate on myself or to learn only among women is pleasant and incredibly effective, were comments by participants., who were thrilled by programme and service. The Hartl Resort with five 18-hole championship courses, three 9 – hole and two 6-hole-courses for children and newcomers to golf Bad Griesbach not only Germany’s Golf Centre is no. 1, but the largest golf resort in Europe. Three of the five national have been proposed as internationally excellent 18-hole courses by Bernhard Langer, 1990 also largely accompanied the fortunes of the resort since its inception as Franz Beckenbauer. Even its own is football Emperor in the Hartl Resort Dedicated to golf course. The heart of golf operation, in which more than 30,000 players are counted, is the Golfodrom, a training center with 210 tees in addition to spacious training areas for chipping and putting.