He Badly Injured LegoMann And Has To Do What The PKV This

A story about a LegoMann and how important a corresponding hedging in real life is the beginning of this story I so unusual has yet a real background. Last Friday I found a “severely injured” Lego with my kids in the garden on the lawn man. This was caught by the lawn mower and had therefore some bruises. The complete story of the “LegoMannes” covered by the lawn mower is there in the private blog. I don’t think that you are run over by a lawn mower, but are also in the “normal life, accidents and diseases every day. When we us the LEGO man now look at, so we find a series of injuries.

Besides, quite striking head injury a leg missing the poor man. Reality, would be the case so should be thinking here about a prosthesis, a so-called prostheses. Diegesetzliche pays health insurance (GKV) such supplies in the framework of the specified there performance framework and according to the commandment of economics. In the private health insurance (PKV), however, depends on the performance of the insurance / tariff conditions. There are serious differences in the tools. Often, it is claimed, private health insurance is always better than the statutory health insurance (GKV). This is simply nonsense. The two systems are different and different, so that a blanket statement as they cannot agree.

How will the tools be reimbursed now? The private health insurance knows so-called open and closed tools catalogs. The “open catalog” sets no special tools. This describes just that aid be provided. An example of such a formulation is this: AIDS AIDS are technical means or prostheses (no dentures), which should immediately reduce disability, sickness or accident, or compensate for, except therapeutic equipment and other sanitary or medical supplies. However, there is the closed catalogues. There, tools are finally listed. There are mentioned done in 10, 20, 30 years and not more and not less.