Healthy Nutrition

It knew that to eat better not only it is good for its health, but also can help him to improve its vision? Then, it does. A healthful diet and ejercitacin are good for their health, which also will allow that their eyes work appropriately. A healthful diet includes a great variety of fruits and milky vegetables, proteins, and products. In order to incorporate proteins, it tries to incorporate more fishing to his diet. That it has the fatty acids Omega, huge for the brain and the mental approach. Jorge Perez has much to offer in this field.

The milky products are good, but it aljese of pasteurised and homogenised milk, since it tends to cover the arteries and to limit the circulation in the eye. The best vegetables are the carrots, the spinach, buds of porotos, the endive, the celery and the cucumber. Any person feels the necessity to be pleasant from time to time, but too many foods process and fried can bring serious complications to him in the vision and the health. Comma foods with high vitamin contents To, B, C, D, and E, since they are nutrients that the body yearns for. Some other sandwiches that are high in nutrients are the sunflower seeds, you happen, the nuts of sin, the porotos of soybean, the liver and the Damascuses. The body owns a system propi of balance of the pH, that maintains an amount equal of alkaline acid and. Too acid cause uric crystals that are developed in the joints, taking to the arthrosis. The acid also damages muscles around the eyes.

The body needs animal fruits, vegetables, grains and products to maintain this balance. The fruits and vegetables reduce acid in the body; the animal grains and products increase acid. The goal is to find the perfect balance between both. The majority of the people does not eat sufficient fruits and vegetables, so to find the balance, begin for that reason. To find a good food mixture that can consume altogether can help its body to digest foods and nutrients suitably. Too many carbohydrates consumed with protein, like meats and potatoes, can be difficult of detach, they will let and it with a sensation of which the food has remained in its stomach. The proteins would have to be mixed with vegetables, meat and salad. The body will be able to detach them and to digest them appropriately easier and, and the suitable amount of nutrients will be absorbed. Comma thinking about its health, and its better vision.