History Of The Combine Harvesters

Crop Kempten at that time up to the modern agricultural technology, January 2010. Westfield is open to suggestions. Hardest physical work used to be retracting the harvesting and threshing of cereals and corn: today is the biggest challenge in the combine to have luck with the unpredictable weather of the summer. “The agricultural film combine harvester: history and technique” shows in detail the historical contribution of crop technology to agriculture. About one hundred years ago, the era of even passing harvesting machines. No device brought a greater workload with himself as the fully automated harvesters in agriculture.

Today, modern agricultural technology determines the image on the fields. Much ingenuity and experience into the high-tech agricultural machines of today. From the simple bind mower attached to the satellite-driven large Drescher threshing systems: today there are up to 400 HP, allow the threshing services of more than 50 hectares on the day. The agricultural film shows the impressive development of the combine harvester up to today’s own drivers. By Dechentreiter, Kaiser, Bautz and go to John Deere, case, CLAAS combine harvesters of the GDR: harvesting, the story wrote! A trailer for the film can be viewed at Maharbeit Drescher history and technology dvd.html. AgrarVideo.de is a 100% subsidiary of the Allgau film publishing WK & F communication GmbH in Kempten. The films focus on the agricultural and agricultural area: the 25 new movie DVD title to vintage tractors, agricultural history and documentaries on the history of the industry are produced each year.