How Safe Are Ultralight Aircraft ?

Are you afraid to achieve your dream of flying? Most of us avoid flying for several reasons: lack of time, bad weather, etc.. Or the most common reason is usually money. The economic problem is already solved by ultralight aircraft, a further concern would dissuade you fly, your safety. a How safe are ultralight aircraft? The short answer is safe enough. The long answer requires consideration of important factors. a Today, the security of an ultralight, microlight or pilot a plane home, it really is comparable to that of Certified light aircraft. So, why wonder about security? a To most people afraid to fly ultralights because in the past often given a bad reputation (which came from rumors).

Ultralight aviation was not regulated, which allowed inexperienced pilots fly in equipment of questionable safety. a Today most countries regulate and drivers must be licensed or subject to some restrictions as to avoid urban areas at night or bad weather. This dramatically improved the safety of the ultralight. Speaking candidly Laura Tyson told us the story. a The Experimental Aircraft Association keeps some statistics on the ultralight accidents. a stas contained 101 accidents with 20 fatalities during a period of about four years, taking into account the thousands and thousands of ultralight aircraft flying normally, the figures are not anything alarming. a Also most of the accidents are the result of human error. We do not want to be one of them, so here are some things you can do to flying safer: Train a well. It makes more sense to spend money on training to risk your life.

No hurry in making your first solo flight, and even there, your instructor is present. a Make sure your plane is safe. This is common sense, but it is still necessary to emphasize it. Check the wings, propeller, fuel, everything. Then check back all over again. a Do not fly in bad weather. Makes sense, right? Best miss a flight to kill or destroy your device in the storm. a Get an emergency parachute. They cost about 2. $ 000 and I know I can be half the price of the ultralight, but not even 1% of what it costs your life, so do not hesitate. a Use a helmet. You can use a motorcycle, do not cost much. The helmet not only saves you in case of accident, also the collision with birds or bees if you fly in an open vehicle. a Use common sense. Leave the great cascades to the professionals, do not fly near buildings or mountains. . . Just do not do crazy things. a The pilot is by far the most important factor in most ultralight accidents. Follow the steps above, flies with knowledge, and you'll have no problem. Then you can stop reading articles like this and enjoy your flight. Learn more about!