How To Walk And To Speak With Customers

This may seem a strange topic to introduce. However, it is the lowest employed by many managers of retail skills, but one of the most important roles in their supervision. 1. You are the Maitre of Your Business Your role is to have a maitre d’hotel. You must meet with their clients (customers), welcome them and ensure they leave with a positive feeling about your business. You should set aside at least an hour a day to walk to the store and talk with customers.

2. Overcoming the shame Many owners will not walk the floor and talk with customers, because they are embarrassed to start the conversation. If this applies to you, then take a sample of products and ask customers to try them. This always starts a conversation and then you can ask them what they think about your store. 3.

Clean table An alternative approach is to clean the tables at a restaurant or filling job vacancies in the box. These are ideal places to start a conversation and really know what customers think about your store. 4. Walking The soil should be done openly When walking, the ground presented to the customer as the owner. S to provide ideas on how they believe could improve service to its customers. 5. Vary the time of day in the Tour of the store used to be traditional owners walk through the store opening time. This is still a strong tradition in Japan, where an agreement is still very formal. You will gain more of varying the time of day you actually walk. This allows you to meet different customers and see their equipment and items stored in different activities. 6. How long should you spend on the floor Some major retailers spend up to 20% of their time walking to the store. They also believe that this is the most important and enjoyable part of their workweek. 7. Feed Back The Ideas Make sure that the comments of feedback to your team. Remember, praise in public, reprimand in private. His team will be interested in your comment. Make sure you are aware of why their walk across the floor. Be sure to talk with them when walking the floor. This will relax and make them feel your part of your team. Management Memo A Message from McDonald’s one day while driving to the office of an important meal in the best restaurant in town, Ray Kroc, owner of McDonald’s in the United States, he asked his driver to pass through the parking lot of a McDonald’s a few. One of the papers was caught in the bushes along the fence outside. He immediately went to the nearest public phone, called his office for the manager’s name, then named manager of offering to help pick up trash offender. Both the owner of McDonald’s in his expensive suit and the young director met in the parking lot and put his hands and knees to pick up the paper. As managers who are more interested in the activity within our shops in the outward appearance of the building. The appearance of your building and surrounding it is in the forefront of the public image of your organization?