Inefficient Reader

It is likely that you identify with this description, as the vast majority of readers are in the group of inefficient readers. Keep reading, because you'll see that is a problem, but it has enormous negative consequences for your personal development and academic performance and professional, is also a solution. Let Inefficient Reader in more detail the characteristics of an inefficient reader: 1. Read slowly. Most readers, no proper training, reading between 75 and 150 words per minute. This speed is the equivalent, if we stand in a highway going 15 miles per hour where it says 65mph. At that speed, any book seems an endless task and reading is an exhausting exercise.

2. Read all the same. The reader inefficient not your reading speed suited to the type of material you are reading, or their necessity with respect thereto. 3. Subvocalize. Lee "quietly", which is equivalent to reading aloud, but without the sound.

Saying goes everything that is reading to himself and certainly believe that if you do not will not understand. Nothing is further from the truth, as we shall see, for efficient reading is necessarily, by the abandonment of the defect and the transition to silent reading or mental really. 4. Read and reread continually. The slowness, the fragmentation of the text and the consequent loss of concentration inefficient force the reader to be re-reading line by line, to capture the sense. 5. Lee no rhythm. In the absence of trained movements eye, the reader reads with movements irrregulares inefficient and often loses the point of attachment and the line he was reading.