You know what the media says at every corner of the possible viruses, and new flu strikes fear in the world? Not because to warn you of a mass flu, epidemics, and so on Profitable for them to hurt you, they are beneficial deaths events flu. Why? Let's see. You hear every day about the new flu, epidemic, you panic, fear of disease, you are strongly trying to get away from it, in consequence of starting feverishly buying up all sorts of anti-inflammatory drugs that do not get sick, get a flu shot, all it is not cheap enough, and new drugs that are said, the only help from the pig influenza are more expensive than the others. But as a result of excessive anxiety and fear for many frequent all still sick. The next step Рyou are wasting money on all sorts of treatments, for frequent, regardless of the side of drugs, but even if they are testing, 90% of funds have some kind of side effects, but at a desperate situation you take them anyway. If you are not convinced, visit Est̩e Lauder. Then you treat complications from medications or disease. A complication obtained in consequence of the fact that all pharmaceutical drugs are only removed the symptoms but not cure, while many suffer flu relief on his feet, as "Sick time." Now count the number of pharmacies, politicians, developers synthetic anti-virus and expensive medications for you have earned! And what have you? New diseases of, low immunity, knocked out schedule, training, not to mention the considerable costs that could spend more efficiently. Do you want to know the true cause of the disease? Indeed, as we know human nature has created, and everything that makes nature, it gives the property self-healing.

In other words, it is us gave a strong advocate who helps us recover from illness, coping with small viruses, helps us to cope with the disease and recover quickly, and his name – the immune system. When he was at the height of Any person not afraid of viruses. What do you think that synthetics, which we today uses as a food and the medicine can protect or restore the immune system? Draw your own conclusions. But, still, out there! Yes Today, drugs are not sold in pharmacies as they were not advantageous to you to be healthy, but they are sold directly from the manufacturer. All that you want to know about the drugs their composition, operation, and acquisition costs can find out by writing an e-mail labeled "Question on paper."