For Curran a wart not to go to the doctor! For some reason that escapes me now, don’t have a clue of what they do. I found the cure on the Internet that works for everyone who have tried it. Go to the supermarket and buy a few bottles of cider vinegar. What you have infected bathed in cider for a few hours each day. The virus can not with vinegar, kills him.

It takes a while, so you have to be patient. angelo zino does not necessarily agree. It may take one month or up to 3 months to get rid of everything. It also hurts, even more at the beginning. As treatment is that it takes time, you do not kill enduring pain, slowly view if you can not endure it. Soak the area in vinegar is what best has given me result but other people have wet cotton and pasted it to the area with role of zeal, for example without have to go to work or to class and not they can keep the area submerged for a time.

View by removing dead skin when you can make it without that it hurts. If you use paper of zeal and cotton sometimes remove it much skin is removed you easily. If you are filing to remove it, please be careful, use gloves and then wash with SOAP to not infect other areas. Anyway if you get all the area in vinegar, although you contagies to another area, it will die with the vinegar. In the foot I had to filing but fingers the skin easy without making it was me. I started this page because I found the cure on a page in English. A girl with a nearly of very bad warts commented this vinegar treatment and everyone who tried it to base read there ended currando. I thought that either he had suffered with this but there were many people with cases many worse. I took it do not know how upright Verruca plantar. For 2 years I did nothing because I knew it was something bad, just dead skin. In the end it hurt me to walk quite and I went to the doctor. I was more than 1 years with the treatment of burn with cold that hurts as a * and spend a few hours of pain each time. So was every 3 weeks. Go wrong with pain and not served anything because the wart was always returning to exit. I also contracted to 2 fingers of the hand. The doctor never changed treatment and I ended up just wasting my time, passing pain and bad spending money. That was back in France, then in Spain the doctor told me to try myself put chloric acid every night. That also helped, going only by burning layers of skin and made me very difficult to walk and also gave pain. One day I decided to pray for an out. That same night I started to look on the Internet and found the girl this page. I had my doubts but it worked for me. I have totally Curro fingers. (Got them in vinegar-filled shot glasses and also put cottons with vinegar). And the foot is almost currado, left him a little of what was an infected big area for 5 years. It is incredible to see healthy skin where it was so long covered by the virus again.