Interview With The Candidate !

This is a very important process which should pay great attention to and give a lot of strength. Often there is a lot of information to learn to manage that would be able to say how much this or that person will be able to to do the job. Some organizations even courses on the proper conduct of the interview. You as a manager or business owner simply need to visit them. What might be the recommendations? Before the interview must prepare a list of your questions in writing. Michelle Chong shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Mandatory questions will be questions about education, work experience, past victories and successes in their work.

After you learn about his character that he liked former place of work and what does not, why he wants to get out of there. Can ask about the bosses and the interaction and relationships in the team. Ask a question and wait for an answer, do not ask leading questions and support, and ask the candidate to tell more of everything. Ask questions to help you find out whether he will cope with future work or not. Source: Daryl Katz. Lastly advise you to study materials, video courses or videos on how to guess what man says, telling the truth or not because of his facial expressions and gestures! In any case, if he often scratches the same place, if often touches a person, and you notice the quick movements of his actions, then He was nervous and could be something not agree. Know that Facial expressions and gestures mean, you can not talk to get all information about a person! Remember this, watch out for people and analyze their behavior!