Jealousy In Couples Part

The illusion that you have, be unique and extraordinary to someone, vanishes into the scene a third party. The jealousy part of the affair. Loneliness causes such anguish that it exacerbates the fear of losing the beloved. Just to counteract the anxiety is that arise jealousy. In turn, demonstrate pain involved given has that one is replaceable. In a couple, it is important to respect the freedom of each Member, your mood and your needs.

When sometimes one of the members of the couple is believed owner of feelings from him or her, then, the balance is broken and appear jealousy. Any change in the context of our partner might be reason for a reaction of jealousy. Thoughts of deception are and treated, selectively, to warning signs, thus creating a non-existent imaginary rival. Not being able to control these feelings, we turn increasingly unsafe and hipervigilantes; generating, as a consequence, aggressive reactions or scenes of jealousy. In the long term, the interrogations become routine, the jealous person controls the freedom and movement of your partner and the relationship begins to deteriorate. Communication is reduced exclusively to the concerns and thoughts of the jealous.

The well-being of the couple tinged with jealousy is weakening gradually. A couple dominated by jealousy, presents the frustration and the loss that provoke hatred and aggression. Thus, arrive to question whether there really is love between the them. In a loving relationship, there are three factors that foster jealousy: comparison, competition and fear of being replaced. If we are more autonomous and creative people, the likelihood that jealousy is less, since the relationship between these three factors becomes less significant. If we love ourselves, the comparison with the other decreases, and when there is no competition, we are less vulnerable to feel jealous. To we become irreplaceable, in a relationship, jealousy disappear. To turn us irreplaceable is must be more authentic.