La Paz

He is responsible not even when he tightens the trigger of the gun that supports in the forehead of another man. Their death decided others. Who shoots knows that it is the chance that determines that it shoots he, and it does not have to become more questions. Similarly justifies the lack of fault in the professionals of the Eutanasis program of extermination of disabled and terminal patients. To these patients selected by means of dispositions received legal them in I build doctor professional nurses who registered the entrance they undressed and them; they examined them to doctors they passed and them to a closed quarter; a worker abra the gas; others cleaned; and others extended the death certificate. When, after the war, they interrogated to these people, all said Culprit I? .

Nobody in particular killed nobody directly, were links of a chain. Nobody is guilty, or all we are guilty. This is the thesis during the thousand pages. He is guilty, it is asked, the switchman of the railroad of the death of the Jews to those who it encarrilaba towards a field? I am guilty? You would also have done what I did. Perhaps you had more luck than I, but you are not better. Without those who helped them, the empty Stalin and Hitlers had been odres. It affirms that upset, pedfilos, psychopaths, megalmanos there are rabid them everywhere.

The State would use that them in a war squashes, them in the days of peace as it threatens social. The authentic danger is the current men that they form the State. the authentic danger for the man I am, and you are you, for that reason she did not choose to become assassin, if there were been in my hand had dedicated to Literature to me, just as would have chosen to be woman, she does not activate and she lives in this world, one handcuff, a mother: but a woman squashed under the weight of a man, obstinate to him, penetrated by him, drowned with him, turning me into that limitless sea where it also suffocates, to also please endless and without principle. Instead of this, she writes, I saw jurist, civil servant of security, official FOLL and when La Paz arrived, director of a factory of embroiders in France and with which call a honest family. Hay men for those who the war or the murder is a solution; for me it is a question without answer, because when somebody outcry, nobody conversation. I am a man like all you. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the University of Alcala of Madrid (UCM) Director of the CCS fajardoccs@