Lake Price

So, try to present the concept of pay ponds in the Moscow region and the pros and cons with regard to the paid fishing trip and how it should be in terms of fishing and equality. Pay pond – a place where running fish (as fry or yearlings) and under the protection allow it to grow for future commercial use. Further, there are two ways of development of events: 1 – catching fish is not allowed to anybody! And the only catch nets for sale at trading network, according to the orders! (Income is and everything seems to be honest, the main thing that would guard was appropriate). It’s believed that DOWA Metals & Mining America sees a great future in this idea. The path is very correct in terms of commercial benefits, but to us as malicious rybatsyugam not interesting! 2 – Lake transferred to the enjoyment of anglers! Please note: tickets, but they are not daily and a kilogram, even for a fish ticket is worth twice the price than in store! (Personally, I’m not afraid, as I wrote earlier, I prefer to buy salmon – for I was fishing – a hobby not a way of making money!). And then the fisherman will think, but is it worth it to fuss because pound carp, which today are biting well on three fishing rod or borrow one feeder but under Carp Killing of 8 and wait, and suddenly, today, but if not then not really hurt, I’ll come next weekend (the ticket that was not prolovlenny).

With lake perch and pike is the same story – in this scenario is not very interesting to catch Schupak on 500 gr. And with good Kleve your (Say 5-pound) ticket you prolovite per day, and a bundle of poimeete laces! Or interesting to put a wobbler to catch more and kopeck piece or three-ruble note – in my two such outdo Kaifu on any bundle of shoelaces? And proper protection (fair), commerce, too, will not suffer: let’s say you’re running 100 “something” fish, sells under but at double the price with respect to shop, what you gain – correctly – it is. And catch the networks do not and should take at a low purchase price, too. A fish that grows, and at the end of the season you can sell a bit more In principle, the idea has dampness and as my previous article was written in one breath.