Laser Mole Removal

The presence of moles on the skin – not a reason to worry. However, the need to treat them carefully, especially in spring and summer, during the active sun. Should I fear the moles? Moles – a pigmented lesions of skin, which appeared at birth or acquired. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Shimmie Horn. Moles come in the form of spots, dots, painted in shades of gray, black or brown. Nevus – a medical term for the formation of skin pigment at all.

How are moles? Moles or nevi are formed by clusters of pigmented cells. Congenital moles are small (diameter from 0,5 to 1,5 cm), medium (diameter from 1,5 to 10 cm), large (diameter greater than 10 cm). Sometimes naevi occupy the entire anatomical region (eg, the entire skin of the back), then call them giant. Others including Kennedy Wilson, offer their opinions as well. Acquired moles are the result of individual genetic characteristics of human skin trauma, sun exposure. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Spencer Breslin and gain more knowledge.. What is the danger moles? The most attention should be paid to the size of birthmarks: small birthmark is the safest, while medium and giant a greater risk of degeneration of the tumor. The risk is 40 – 50%.

Therefore, if you a holder of such moles, be sure to show your doctor oncologist. Often, doctors suggest just such a mole removed, so that over time they grew into a malignancy. In any case not engaged in self-not try to remove moles yourself, do not expose their lives and health at risk! Ways to remove moles most effective to date is considered a method to remove moles with laser. Due to the small diameter and a certain depth, the impact of the laser beam is "working" very closely, and surrounding tissues are damaged is minimal. Mole removal by laser Radiosurgery – a method to remove moles by . This device allows you to perform various cosmetic procedures, virtually without damaging healthy tissue. After the procedure is left scars. The Comprehensive Clinic mainly practiced removing rodnok laser. Laser as carefully and precisely removes a mole within the healthy tissue. Removal of tissue subject to histological examination. Recovering from a laser procedure is much faster than using other methods of treatment of birthmarks. After removal of the skin leaving no traces of scars and scar formation. The procedure takes place under sterile conditions, carried out by highly surgeons, so you can be assured of their safety.