A leader is a person who fights for his idea, which meets with people who have an interest in common and also have a way to communicate. Now people are looking for leaders, people seek contacts that allow them to grow that they propose different alternatives, new things that may cause amazement, is the constant search for something new day after day, bringing with it changes that injecting new cultural generations of the world. That is happening now, take a look at: 1. people understands that it works too, and understands that it is better to work in what is believed to you have only a salary and wait until it fired him. 2 Centered model in the factory, produce goods and services is no longer profitable.

3. Consumers spend money not in traditional businesses but those unconventional, on things that matter and that believe. Then for what to be leader? Currently expected that anyone can lead an organization, not just the boss. People have more influence than before. The market looks for organizations and individuals that things change and create products and services extraordinary. Lead is not difficult, just we have been trained to not having to be so must understand also that lead is not direct. directing is to manage resources so that an already defined task is carried out.

Then lead, is to create changes in which you believe. The leaders have followers, directors are employees. Managers do things, leaders make change possible. In the field of marketing. The marketing is to sell stories about the things that we do, stories that sell and stories that propagate. We have thirst for what’s new, and what’s new is not stable. Or if? Stability: suppose that the world is stable form part of human nature. Assume that google will be the search number one in 5 years, we will continue writing on keyboards and flying in airplanes.