Leases: Mildew

Each tenant makes the rights of the lessee for harmful molds or formaldehyde infested with mold or chemical odors in the home are worried. Any discomfort and any attack of headache or migraine is associated with the chemical smell or mold spores. Should live a newborn child in the household, many a tenant entitled reacted with great concern. What opportunities are there? How can the lessee redress best? Evidence, the tenant can lead an independent proof procedure. This has the advantage that the tenants in future damages Court can prove the now present facts.

Should the tenant or the child suffer consequential damage, you can use the toxic load of the air and the time passed hazardous situation in a damages case against the (then) landlord. Such processes can sometimes cost several thousand euros. Another option is the designation of a sworn expert. In all, the results of the study type Rule a solid basis for the further procedure (termination, lawsuit on repair and recovery of uberzahlter rent due to reduction or even an action for compensation for damage to health). Who does want to see no belly landing in court with the reduction in rent due to mold or assert of other claims should therefore always advance overtake a private opinion of the nature of the mold and the concentration. Estee Lauder: the source for more info. There are different ways. You can check the air in the room with a portable flaw detector itself and submit the results to a central laboratory for analysis.

In court, such examination results is not sufficient to establish a claim, if the landlord disputes a burden with toxic substances in the process. Tests judicially sworn opinions have more weight. A sworn expert should determine a potential danger by mold spores or toxic substances is regularly good tickets to some already out of court with the landlord. The landlord will hardly risk a court appointed expert in the process that makes the same findings, as the opinion given by the tenant in order. Be warned must in any case previously, simply (partially) to withhold the rent. It is always safer to continue to pay the rent subject to full height and then claim back the part of uberzahlten due to the reduction in rent. Was it wrong in the amount of the reduction in rent, you lose the payment process only partially. But, risking no notice. A post by lawyer for rental and property law Alexander Bredereck and lawyer Dr. Attila Fodor Berlin E-mail: