Life Without Men

British researchers conducted another study of values in life of modern women in which men took only fifth place. Ahead were the mother, photography, cell phones and girlfriends. Four out of ten women said that they would be 'devastated' if they lose their mobile phones. At the same time every third agreed that he could happily live life without men. With the development of mankind our desires are not easy to grow, but become more selfish. Shimmie Horn has much to offer in this field.

Fifty years ago, she was in a panic, when all her friends are already married, but she is still without a husband. Marriage, birth of a child stood in first place for women. But today, with an enormous universal selfishness, we do not want to 'extra' tasks and responsibilities. There is no desire to give in, compromise, – it was required by family relationships, and especially from women. But to live in an affluent world, it is necessary not just bear children, but also to educate them in full, loving family. And for this woman needs a man. Otherwise, we are waiting for an aging population (which is already happening in some countries), which would include a workable part and an increasing expansion of the society, because as a single mother, me 'father' children give in the end psychologically depressed, to criminalize generation..