Little People Toys

The company Fisher Price was founded in 1930 in America. The three founders, Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle started with wooden toys. Soon, they developed the Little People line. The classic Little People figure was made of wood and had neither legs nor arms. Challenging the way people are in very reduced, with the aim of offering young children already an ideal toy. The Fischer Price is now owned by Mattel. Little People toys are developed with the objective to provide growing children with increasing age at the always new discoveries! This means that already can make children from 12 months of the first game experience. You can put animals to their proper place in the farm or by pressing the Create a stable ground noise or a melody.

If the children are bigger, you can enact their own experiences and also to process the experience. You can imitate the Gerasuche of animals, farm or play everyday situations replay. Older children can add their own fantasy world . Explore You can talk to the animals and feed them. However, role playing, where they play mother and father versions. This ensures that there is to discover something new every day Little People.

are stories with Little People is also available on Super RTL. Today the characters of Little People are made of plastic. The arms and legs are shown. Most of all, the colors red, yellow, green and blue used. The motives of the current product range include: school bus, airplane, farm, school, pirates and circus. The animals also have parts made of fabric. These textile elements allow children to feel a new world. How soft is a lion's mane? How to feel at elephant ears? An elephant with leather ears and a monkey tail with curls, curls and a poodle with a lion's mane load with a soft to touch.