Low Electric

Exercises for electric bass may have many purposes, it may be to strengthen technical capacity, reading, reinforce the concepts of harmony, etc this time we review an exercise that will help you learn major scales exercise is based on the notes of scales on separate strings, i.e., first touch the string, then A and so on. It is very important for these exercises that you keep a good fingering with left hand, tries to accommodate a finger on each fret from the one fret, by which you will be given a position of four fingers of four frets, and therefore this position is repeated in the five fret and then repeated on the ninth fret, already with this position, the objective is to respect the finger which corresponds to the note we play. To give a more practical application of this exercise we will combine the notes of the scale we are using with the open string, and patterns are defined. That is, play twice the rope into the air and a note of the scale (for This example will use c major), and then we have played three times the rope air and a note of the scale. You can define the pattern of notes as you want, it is important that you keep playing just to the notes of the scale you’re using. See examples and try and build your own patterns and melodic lines. These exercises will help you make more bass lines interesting and well-founded in the harmony of the song. Learn more at: Daryl Katz.

To play the notes of the scale can be in ascending order (C, D, E, F, etc.), or touching them by third (C, E, D, F, etc.), the purpose here is to develop their creative abilities while you do the exercises you learn scales. Please review the following exercises Ex 1. Ex 2. Eg 3. Applies these concepts to any scale and do not forget to practice with a metronome.