Luis Juan Guerrero

Fervent supporter of indeterminacy, I dare say that a vision or retrospective reading of the events leading to the emergence of the phenomenon of emblematize Internet, we infer that the phenomenon was foretold long before people from the anticipation of cultivators of the art, science, faith. In that sense, also the “materialization” rather the “virtualization” was preceded by some kind of wording in the aesthetic, intellectual or religious. From there they engaged in this conceptual Cataclysm, we see things permanent and temporary things in a tag like “digital aesthetic contemporaries.” It seems to me that the perennial is on the side of the aesthetic, that obviously linked with beauty, to which Luis Juan Guerrero, thought as “the radiance of Being put in work.”

The human person, since it is testimony to their presence in the Metro “Blue”, is subject and / or object, consecutive and / or aesthetic activities simultaneously. The creation, dissemination Contemplation and artistic, accompaniment, the human adventure. That truism that every day I appreciate more for its algorithmic thinking, I would say that without aesthetics would not have life. And after an era marked by hypothetical deductive method., The emergence of ICTs is coincident with the unconcealment of the aesthetic, as related, perhaps twinned, perhaps part of the religious phenomenon. In a disclosure of the magazines, which were somehow opening the market for telematics and remote computing, Internet withheld concepts like “is a communication tool” or that the Internet is “logical interconnection of global information (and we add real time).