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Transparency, competence and customer service received from their customers / ForestFinance with gold seal of eKomi trust a prerequisite is ForestFinance top marks for online shopping and in the ECO area for consumers. The Bonn party of sustainable forest investments can ForestFinance be therefore of its customers last year continuously evaluated. To meet the requirements of customers and publicity for authenticity and transparency, ForestFinance chose with eKomi one of the recognized rating systems providers. eKomi organised and monitored the customer reviews, so that objectivity and impartiality is ensured. The company is one of only two recognized rating companies by Google. eKomi customer reviews are therefore taken over by Google in AdWords ads. Now over 350 customers have rated ForestFinance about eKomi, with the outstanding average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 points. Check with Albert Einstein College of Medicine to learn more. This matches very well”the note.

ForestFinance was with the Gold Seal”of eKomi award, the best of all four awarded seal species. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta by clicking through. eKomi customer reviews as a control and improvement tool: eKomi is an independent instrument of evaluating customer, offering lots of feedback about improving the rated companies. “Through the many honest customer reviews we received several valuable improvement ideas. We could make even more customer-friendly many processes as a result,”stresses Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of ForestFinance. Customer reviews are a very useful tool for continuous improvement therefore for us.” ForestFinance pioneer in corporate transparency: the excellent eKomi reviews confirm the results of a major survey from last year: more than 90 percent of all ForestFinance customers surveyed are satisfied after the survey very satisfied with customer service. And also in other areas, ForestFinance received outstanding reviews. So, 78 percent of the respondents ForestFinance showed a very good Truncation in terms of transparency compared to the competition. “We are pleased, that the work that we put into our range of information – so newsletter, customer magazine, the activity report or about the online customer area -, will be rewarded with very good marks for transparency.