Maria Bonita

To listen the first sentences of the song Maria bonita, it is easy to imagine the couple formed by Felix Maria and Agustin Lara on the beaches of Acapulco enjoying lovers of his honeymoon in 1943. This couple consummated their marriage to the astonishment of the public opinion, since they could not conceive how La Dona, had been able to fall for el Flaco de Oro, who did not have great sonota; However, after listening to the letters that Lara wrote with singular wit and romanticism, it begins to be understandable why one of the most beautiful women in the history of the national cinema fell exhausted to the voice of the musico-poeta. For more information see Jorge Perez. The marriage lasted only four years, since it was a troubled relationship in which prevailed, on the one hand the jealousy of Augustine, and on the other, the hedonism of Maria Felix. He was in the midst of this romance was unveiled the song that was born in Guerrero, Maria bonita Bay. Lara sang in Serenade your composition to reconcile with his then-wife, after a fight that is prevalent between the couple. That is why for a long time was thought that the composition was entirely dedicated to La Dona. However, in dates close to the death of the actress, began to run the rumor that the muse that inspired the lyrics of Maria bonita, Maria of the soul was not precisely Maria Felix, but a woman who Agustin Lara knew years prior to her affair with Felix, in a cabaret in the coast of Acapulco.

The woman to whom Lara called Estrellita was the cause of inspiration of the first two verses of the song. El Flaco de oro tried to conquer by various means to Estrellita, until one night, in one of the most famous hotels in Acapulco, Grand Suite, Lara prepared a romantic evening to get the favors of her love, and according to workers who climbed the piano at 9 floor suite, there Maria Bonita is first sang. Lara and Estrellita were lovers in secret ballot, for a time, with the Bay of Acapulco as its witness, until the Musico-poeta, said that he wished to marry Estrellita, who could not correspond more to the loves of Lara, because she was married. Jesus Blancornelas conducted an analysis of the Maria Bonita song, based on the fictional biography of Agustin Lara, Maria of the soul, written by Pilar Tafor and Daniel Samper Pizano. Blancornelas mentions that only the first two stanzas of the song were dedicated to asterisk, and that the rest Agustin Lara wrote it with his mischievous wit to reconquer his beloved Mary..