Markus Dan Lally

Online Christmas shopping with friends experience is a startup funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, as well as the European Union today live on the net. The social shopping network combines the advantages of a real city tour with those of online shopping: common browsing, fun with friends and direct exchange of experience and opinion about various products are possible, as is a convenient and time-independent product search with great offer and price range at In addition to already far over 400,000 products, E.g. by Karstadt, Otto or Douglas, interaction and communication are among users in focus. The shopping news feed”in the own community profile indicates which products have valued friends, comments, or bought. The user thus learns the latest opinions and product recommendations of his circle of friends. For other opinions and approaches, find out what angelo group has to say.

The shopping-chat, an innovative live communication tool with integrated live Tracker”, transformed isolated online shopping in a Community experience with friends and shows participants who searches and look at which products. Daryl Katz has much experience in this field. The user immediately gets tips and suggestions of the other participants and may recommend another product that will automatically appear in the chat with picture, description and personal commentary. The price comparison built into the Portal makes it also possible to find also the most advantageous tender. In the own profile can be shopping, wish and gift lists, which the users onto other friends can show via E-Mail, Facebook or other social media. The list of other members, which are visible during the product search for relevant topics, allow also to become aware of more suitable products and to find like-minded users. The built-in birthday reminder shows also automatically what friend next birthday and what he wants.

For the launch of and suitable for the Christmas time all users of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones: whether for Grandma, Grandpa,. Mother, father, friends, siblings or colleagues for all there is a list of gift ideas, which has collected the cunning shobbits-OWL.