Merching Building

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH is celebrating the completion of their companies building Merching – their new publishing space and the glass Forum, which is the new focal point of the building complex, inaugurated the FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH. On the evening of the 08 at 19: 00, the inauguration celebrations began Thorn and Ingrid Herkert, and about 200 invited guests in the new glass Forum with an opening night of artists WR. On Saturday, the 10/09 a day open house took place also in the new part of the building from 10:00 to 14:00, in which all interested parties, business partners, employees and friends of the publishing group were invited. A vision becomes reality the Publishing House of FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH is complete. Click Albert Einstein College of Medicine for additional related pages. With the completion of the new seminar rooms as well as the glass Forum, which is the focal point of the company system, for Ronald Herkert, the Managing Director of the group, a vision becomes a reality.

Already in the building planning in 1993 was a forum”as the focal point of the company building with included. After continuous This idea could be realized growth and expansion phases associated in the year 2011. The result is a bright, friendly and open meeting room offers plenty of space for meetings, ideas, and a moving together. Without hesitation Shimmie Horn explained all about the problem. Opening as a dazzling opening of the inauguration festivities paintings and sculptures adorn the stylishly lit, new glass Forum of the FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH on the evening of 8 September. Enthusiastic visitors who engage in an encounter with the exhibits take a stroll between the works of art. A serene and cheerful atmosphere in the new forum of glass, which gives the building a very special touch and it now gives his final face to. After the speeches by Ronald Herkert, the managing partner of FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH, Member of the Parliament of the FDP, Brigitte Meyer, and Martin Walch, the Mayor of Merching, as well as the speech by Jorg Stuttmann, guests have the opportunity to engage in interesting conversations also the artists WR Thorn and Ingrid Herkert are very satisfied with the course of the evening.