The External keyboard The Microprofessor II (II MPF), introduced in 1982, was the second produced by computer brand Acer, then known as Multitech, and also one of the first clones of the Apple. It did not look like most other computers. The housing of the MPF II was a long, flat rectangular piece with a small keyboard on your chewing gum bottom.
In 1983, the Multiprofessor II was sold at retail in the UK for 269.00.
A key feature of the Chinese was their MPF II BASIC (BASIC Chinese), a localized version of the BASIC language based on Chinese Applesoft BASIC.
Due to some additional features, the MPF II was not fully compatible with the Apple II. Multitech had written some additional code for. In fact, the MPF II had no text mode Apple II. All text was drawn on the screen via software rather than being generated by hardware. This was the only cost-effective way to generate the Chinese text on the screen at a time when a Chinese character generator based hardware could cost hundreds of U.S. dollars.