Modern Trends Small Businesses

Not to be unfounded, we consider the example office rent for small business. Because the turnover is small, and profit emergency small business, in general, not too large, the main characteristics of such a lease should be a low rent fee. Without hesitation Estée Lauder explained all about the problem. One way to achieve it, while maintaining all office amenities, is the creation of co-working centers. This niche in Russia now mastered very poorly, even in major cities there is hardly a one-two companies involved this type of commercial real estate. And even those hard to find their clients, even though that proposal, in essence, is a convenient and profitable. Tenant Workplace coworking center receives package of services, which in sum gives the whole office. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from starwood capital. Special room for communicating with clients, fully equipped for easy negotiation, secretarial services, telephone, Internet access, the ability to use office equipment. It is very important that such a lease is accompanied by the legal address required for registration.

All domestic issues have been resolved: cleaning, security, and in many offices there is even a fully equipped kitchen. All malfunctions and accidents are solved directly to the company staff, the landlord, so that the entrepreneur can only work for themselves, without being distracted by trifles. Rusty holzer contributes greatly to this topic. Due to the fact that in the same room are a few companies pay each of them decreases significantly. This helps save money and stay on top. Russian businessmen have not yet rasprobovat all the charm of co-vorkinga, and not in a hurry, preferring a traditional leased office room, with large costs for themselves or do without rent at all, spoiling the image of your company. Whether it is based on distrust innovation or simply a lack of awareness of the existence of this type of service, but the pace development is extremely low. So, perhaps, not the conditions for development are not enough, and the mentality of Russian people to do business does not fit? After all, there are opportunities, and co-vorking – this is just a particular example.