Money For Investments

The procurement of capital, liquidity and operating funds or financial resources gaining obtaining financial resources, liquidity and capital for companies on the money and capital markets against the background of the financial situation of companies in an era of banking crises more and more. Some banks are even in the credit crunch and can provide no further loans. With numerous financing models, in particular the free capital market (outside of the stock market) and private and institutional investors in the capital for investments can be used. Raising capital to the corporate finance for medium-sized businesses includes open investments also subordinated debt and loan capital. The financial capital for the financing of SMEs expected a yield or dividend, which currently ranges from 7% to 9% regularly. In addition to the offer of shareholdings via a private placement (= financing without Bank) also recognize more and more medium-sized companies Advantages of financing through mezzanine capital, as well as the need to make the financial provisions for the financing of investments in the future at an early stage.

The equity capital and the equity financing play a special role for medium-sized companies and can be provided by a third party without ownership rights to shares. The qualification as equity or equity financing logically exclude the Bank-side financing of these funds because banks can lend only. The capital from private investors and donors suitable in particular for the financing of medium-sized companies because non-institutional investors and private investors regularly have no desire to exert influence on the financing company. Private individuals are interested in not voting, but only reasonable profits and good yields. Debt restructuring without bank or credit is possible also on the way of raising equity capital and private placement.

Credit capital can be solved out by mezzanine capital so that can be brought about a debt relief and release from liability of the company and also of the entrepreneur. In this way, open spaces are created for new investments. Finally, also a conversion can be made from debt into equity (vacuumed. Debt-Equity-Swap). So E.g. shareholder loan into equity mezzanine capital can be cast through amendment of the treaties. Financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without credit and loans are a dynamic business growth and investments of great importance. Raising capital from equity from 50.000,-and equity financing through mezzanine capital or venture capital or private equity are therefore particularly important for investment. Dr. Werner financial services AG helps the optimal corporate finance and capital ( So, companies find their way to the capital without bank or to the financing of operations without bank credit.