Motivation to Quit Smoking

Smoking must be stopped for the health of all humans, and for the good of the environment of the earth. It is possible to quit smoking habit. The smokers are to be motivated so that they can give up smoking for ever. Credit: Lancome-2011. This is the time to understand that there is no credit in the act of smoking and that smoking is all for losses. Several health hazards are entailed with smoking. One can find in the prescription of the doctors that they regularly warn the patients on their habit of smoking cigarettes. Https:// spoke with conviction. Several ailments are instrumented by smoking cigarettes.

Smoking leaves permanent stains on the lungs of the patients. Researchers have established that smoking has a role in the increase of cancer-afflicted patients. Smokers do not feel how they have been approaching towards their own destruction. They do not realize what damage they have been doing to their dear and near ones, because the latter are the passive smokers. It is on the observation that humans who inhale the smokes of cigarette indirectly, are the worst sufferers. It is, however, a tough task to motivate the smokers to quit smoking. All out campaign against smoking is the demand of the hour.

The offline media consisting of national dailies and other publications have scope to create and develop vigor popular opinion against the habit of smoking. the subject. The electronic media can support the campaign through numerous programs in their channels and uploading those programs on the internet. Celebrities have unique followers in all countries. They can play important part. The people should raise their voice from every level and from every stage. Campaign against smoking must be given shape of a vigorous people’s movement. There is no logic when the smokers promise that they want to quit smoking from certain calendar date in near or far future. Promises of these kinds are taken only not to honor them. Some of the smokers consider that it is not possible for them to quit smoking instantly and that they would quit smoking gradually. There is hardly any logic behind this. They want to remain under the influence of nicotine for more days. It should be understood that the smokers lack potential to grow self-motivation. They must build up such confidence within them that it is possible to quit this habit of smoking as many of their brothers have succeeded in achieving this. They should reach to such a state of determined mind that they can quit smoking just immediately. Campaigns against smoking cigarettes should be targeted to achieve this. Samantha Nicole is writer of quit smoking pill coupons.