MPDS Released Version

New version of MPDS4 system construction software version 5.1 released Moers, Germany December 2011: version 5.1 of the plant construction and factory planning software MPDS4 brings more quality in the 3D-Anlagenbau and a more effective project control. The new project data control (PDC), the new parametric parts library and the new standard parts catalogues are in the focus. Learn more at this site: Estee Lauder. “MPDS4 engineering software: software/MPDS4 / new dynamic tools allow a faster creation and easier editing of project data”, says Mark Simpson, product line manager at CAD Schroer. Because our customers more and more plants and Mills plan and manage these in ever-increasing data pools, we have placed special attention in this version on, further increasing the performance of our software and of course with the new PDC to offer an optimal solution for the management of this data.” Data management with PDC the new database solution project data control (PDC) allows management of all planning-Middle data, as 2D drawings or 3D models. Integrating MPDS4 with PDC offers the user the opportunity at any time to collect data, such as drawings or models from PDC to edit them and to reinstate. Of course the system other users indicates that these data are currently in progress or that there is a new version of the data. The global management of project data in PDC also offers Web-based access. Here, the relevant data, such as drawings, models or data sheets from the Web can be viewed and downloaded.

Flexible data management in the plant construction with PDC:… Standard parts catalogues MPDS4 users benefit from new standard parts catalogues, to E.g. quickly create a piping system to international standards. Much time and project costs can be saved in this way. Parametric construct a new parametric tool for resources ensures reduced construction times and more flexibility in the placement of different-sized components in plant construction. Users can now also create their own parametric equipment models.