Nano Sealing

Statement published the Umweltbundesamt U. Fabrizio Freda contains valuable tech resources. B. A. in a study study ‘Risks and opportunities in nanotechnology’ on Wednesday warnings serious gaps in knowledge in the use of nanotechnology. Long-term negative effects on the environment and the risks to health was pointed out clearly.

The company Lotusready now respond to the wave of news in the media, which has triggered this communication. Lotusready: nanoparticles are used over eight years of experience in products for consumers. Official site: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Since then, no case is known us, reporting of diseases, resulting from contact with nano-particles. In the mentioned study warns only the serious gaps in knowledge. Specifically on special materials, such as for example titanium particles, indicated, which could penetrate through the skin and migrate to the lungs, where they then could trigger inflammation also informed there was no documented case for eight years.

I myself as well as other employees come with unprotected for years How to contact with nano products. To be still safe to deliver our customers of any unknown danger, in our sealing systems, we offer sufficient safeguards to avoid any direct contact with the sealer. Also is pointed out in the description of the application, what must be observed to avoid contact with mucous membranes. We are often asked on the application of nano sealing in the gastronomy and kitchen area. Specifically is enquired about the food compatibility of sealing. Here clearly all clear can be given, as was pointed out in the study of the Federal Environmental Agency. The danger is that the nanoparticles, could walk due to their size in cells. A Nano sealing, however, is the result of the merger of individual nanoparticles. At the application, network the particles to the surface and harden to a crystalline little nanometer thick protective layer. This coating wears out more after a long time in the Associations of the seal to replace. These fragments are many times greater than nano-particles and can therefore not penetrate into cells and causing damage, which fear the scientists of the German Federal Environment Agency. I don’t see a risk for a possible long-term negative impact on the environment by sealing particles. The study refers to the amount of particles that enter E.g. by sunscreens in the environment. From the previously declared all clear ahead of seal products is to be inferred that assumed in the environmental area is that products in the field of nano seal will cause no harm to the environment. The sealer will reach no case to an extent in the environment, as that would be the case for example with sea water sunscreen washed off. We are convinced that nano sealing environment works. The benefits that users who are especially easy to clean properties. Cleaning agents were no longer necessary. Therefore, the question would be whether the Sealer, which could get into the environment, would be a greater burden than the cleaners, which would make them superfluous!