National Advice

To fulfill the made use one in interpolated proposition VII of Article 206 of the Federal Constitution, that offers guarantee of standard of qualidade' ' to the Brazilian education, the Country must, among others action, to take care of of the continued formation of all the professors, also the laypeople. This panorama is an indicative fort to the development of educational programs in the distance that they take care of to the teaching formation in service, as social demands and legal determination. It has ample diffusion of programs and courses with the modality of education in the distance implemented by the official agencies? Ministry of the Education and the Sport? MEC, National Advice of Secretaries of Education – CONSED, city departments and state of Education. All these and many others can contribute for the formation and update of professors and managers in all the education levels and, of this form, take care of to the yearnings of the society that searchs democratic access to the education of quality. Frequently, we find the expression in the distance open education and as if they walked together.

They mean things distinct. But, all are on the forms of not-traditional intitled education or education. ' ' The open education is when the process education/learning if opens in any of its elements; either the question of the time, rhythm, place, prerequisite (previous studies) or presence in the educative institutions, relation with the professor and others; education in the distance is understood as the use of strategies and ways that help to establish the communication when, institution, professors and students are not necessarily in the same physical space and tempo' ' (BROWN, 1998). Since 1996, the courses and programs given through the EAD are legally supported in some articles of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education? LDB 9394/96: article 80: ' ' The Public Power will in the distance stimulate the development and the propagation of education programs, in all the levels and modalities of education, and education continuada' ' ; article 32 4 ' ' basic education will be actual, being used education in the distance as complementation of the learning or in situations emergenciais' ' ; article 47 3 ' ' the frequency of pupils and professors is obligator, saved in the programs of education in the distance ' '.