New History

Each of them, in their own way set forth all the elegance, uniqueness, and at the same time the complexity of the device of man as the vicegerent of God on earth on the basis of his inherent understanding of the measures. But there was not enough of these summaries deep and solid definition of the essence of man, which would help to understand its true purpose and possibility. Such a definition could come from a person or group who broke away from the prevailing conventional stereotypes for centuries, came to have a level of education and understanding of the world, when the idea of welfare is much above their own principles of life – people with a solid outlook and a large-scale thinking and, finally, the people left on understanding the essence of Divine Providence (1). And it appeared for the first time in Russian culture, from a group of scientists – developer to the Office of the General Theory (CEDC). From the standpoint of CEDC, man – this is a two-tier energy-, a biological system that is constantly updated on the genetic and vnegeneticheskom (2) levels. It should be particularly noted that the very appearance of such a universal tool, it is in Russian culture, through which may come in and learn the fundamentals of almost every science and management structure, not by accident (3).