News Information

Life, and what is it? What is the least shallow, smallest? Atom? Electron? Emptiness! Field! Electromagnetic, an information field. What's great? Galaxy? The universe? Emptiness. Field. Information field. Circle.

Snake grabbed its tail. Eight lay on its side! Eternity and infinity. Materialism is an idealist and materialist idealism of terrorist! Matter, as clumps of information. Matter, as clusters of ideas! Matter, as pressed the idea! As clusters of the electromagnetic waves. Temperature, as criterion, the degree of compression, the degree of compressed idea how the degree of development of matter. The universe as ragged information.

As torn News electromagnetic field. How many where there are few, but the laws of existence are ONE. From absolute zero to the temperature of the stars. The higher the temperature, the more information that materializes information! Information converted into matter. Matter, as compressed and heated by the information. "Fried" information. Man is so – "cold-blood." But the universe is knowable! Our good old-fashioned tear-leaky universe – are knowable! Universal laws much less than we think. You just have to remove all unnecessary. Start with a basic question. Eight of knowledge on your side, like a Mobius strip. God – not Jesus or Muhammad, God – the sun and Sirius. Star! The Egyptians worshiped the god knowingly "Ra". The sun warms us warm, it warms us with information. Man on the "crown of creation," by no means attracted, too "cold-blooded." Total 310 degrees-owls from absolute zero. And that the "crown"? Superszhataya, sverhrazogretaya star before explosion? During cross-kunda to the explosion or even at the moment? As much information out there. Or is the explosion itself? Then the next question – what's the point? Born – grow – grow – to gather – to shrink – to warm up and tear-BSO? Progastrolirovat in their orbits.