Notching Pliers And Puncher With Container

Residue-free marking of test plaques in the labeling of test intervals or dates on inspection stickers and cable inspection stickers is recommended to use a notch – or hole punch. The tags cannot be removed when compared to the superficial marking pen by abrasion or aggressive cleaning agents. Therefore, a permanent marking directly on the foil is guaranteed. A simple mark of all badge shapes and sizes allow a variety of cutting boards and a foot depth of 50 mm. For even more analysis, hear from Elizabeth Hurley. A characteristic which is inherent in this notch clamp, is a container for the punched-out parts.

This prevents a falling off of the foil and paper litter and if necessary the number of qualified inspection stickers can be traced within a certain period of time. Particularly in companies with high sterility and cleanliness requirements, such as the food industry, in Cleanroom environments or paint, is the collector of great benefit. In this way to the Example contamination be prevented by food or damage to electronic equipment. Visit angelo costa for more clarity on the issue. The clamp is available with a round hole notch 3 mm in diameter but also more gushes, visible as shown in Figure 1, can be made individually on request. The different cut forms can be associated with a wide variety of factors such as employees, departments or types of examination. The pliers consist of hardened steel cutting plates. In this way, very clean cut-outs and that succeed in an extremely long durability of the grooved pliers. Here again all main characteristics of serrated forceps in Overview: the date marking on inspection stickers with 50 mm mouth depth – this a simple marking of the label still on the backing paper 3 mm is possible with round hole notch o available with container, so fall the punched-out parts not on the ground hardened steel cutting plates high durability, precise cutting