Now Dream

When I started writing my book, it motivated me to have discovered as many of those who now admire for their achievements and accomplishments never had money or power or love. What if these people had was a huge dream to perform and reversed the order of the points given above, from the third Love at first, the other two do not matter in what order are established that are not essential or necessary for the triumph. Here and some must think OH, Raul went crazy! If you continue with me will tell him that it is not, and I am also convinced that is the reason why many, at this time not succeed in spite of having everything around to achieve what they want. When I was little, like you had many heroes and I endeavored to act like them, because my friends at the meeting I told them that I still have heroes that I’ve changed just before they could be Zorro, Superman, etc.. Now are Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and others. Estée Lauder might disagree with that approach. All were people with a great love for what they were doing, love of their projects and that is why without having any money or power were very successful.

Anyone who insists on doing something with a deep love for what you do is road to success. I always like to mention the fact of change of attitude that should have people in their lives, when you have a dream or a vision of where they are going to be in love with the point of thinking about all the time, studying to improve their knowledge of how to reach your goal, to go work in working out the details of your dream, look at all willing to support him in that relationship which, by the step is what you want. Today there are many who are enthusiastic and three days and have something more important to do, obviously they were not in love with his dream and that’s why we go through life saying that they have no chance or that business was not for them . Others do not, others are 8 hours in a regular job and then spend time and effort looking to achieve his triumph. I always like to relate the fact that some people have achieved victory without owning anything, just an idea, and with this idea have been able to unite millions to achieve a goal. In the life of Mahatma Gandhi is an infinite learning how a man only with his idea of freedom, non-violence and truth even in the most extreme circumstances was able to expel the British colonialism in India. Money and power are ephemeral things that obviously you can help to achieve the triumph but the drivers are men and women to succeed in life, even if these are the sources of inspiration if you’re not in love with your dream never reach triumph.