On Travel To Thalasso

North Sea-tourism-service GmbH: North Sea * Schleswig-Holstein 2009 launches an aggressive health campaign the Thalasso. Husum, March 11, 2009 – holiday on the North Sea * Schleswig-Holstein means to spend holiday 2009 more than just a couple of days on the coast. Because a stay at Schleswig-Holstein North Sea beaches demonstrably strengthens the defenses and brings fresh energy. The power of the sea heals gently a variety of ailments and preventive effect on the immune system. North Sea holiday-makers have the beach on its doorstep, fresh air around the nose and during all activities to take extra rest. Thalasso is the key word. How it works? “The term Thalasso derives from the Greek word thalassa” sea “means health from the sea. Some contend that teslar shows great expertise in this.

Already the walk through fine-grained sand and thereby the fresh iodine North Sea * breathe air is a first Thalasso application. To Constanze Hofinghoff, Managing Director of North Sea-tourism-service GmbH: Therapeutic applications and cures are traditionally available in the North Sea * Schleswig-Holstein. Now, with the individual tourist offices, we have set us on a common principle. The health centers of villages and Islands 2009 consistently have tailored their offerings to Thalasso and bring together preventive medicine from the sea with a relaxed holiday feeling.” The growing arrival figures, from 2007 to 2008 growth of 4.9% was recorded, demonstrate a growing interest in the region North Sea * Schleswig-Holstein (source: Statistical Office of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein). In contrast to other destinations, recreation for body, mind and soul in the foreground here has always been. Different applications of the individual places may be, they are similar today all in its basic ideas.

Former Kurmittelhauser have evolved to modern health centers are where the relaxation and the well-being of the individual in the foreground. Looking where packs were administered earlier in simple tiled rooms, today large panoramic Windows during a bubble bath on the open sea. Thalasso is medical wellness. The modern Thalasso therapy relieve discomfort and strengthens the immune system at the same time: the power of the ocean is used and prepared in any form. In particular the Watt mud is cultivated in places such as St. Peter-ording itself and prepared and processed in subsequent applications in the health and Wellness Center dunes-Therme Spa. The visitor has the choice of numerous alternatives, that provides an intense and curative Thalasso-therapy. In Busum, body and mind will be during the summer when the cotton with music”brought in line and even algae are bred on Sylt, which are suitable as culinary delights as well as for medical treatments. “” Amrum takes on May 18 the Nordic-walking day “as an opportunity for a full-day Thalasso application”. The neighbouring island of Fohr can build Thalasso experience even on 200 years.