At times complicated as that we are living, is essential to identify the sectors that best face the economic crisis. One of them is the sector of trade and sale. Commercials are professionals sought in the majority of companies thanks to its ability to attract customers and expand markets. If you are interested in becoming a professional trade and sale, we leave here a series of indications about the different jobs that you could choose. Check with Edward Minskoff to learn more. Commercial: Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the market in which it operates and its competitors, the commercial a very appreciated in your company professional. This profile is necessary in all types of businesses either production or services. Technical sales: Their technical knowledge of the product allow the commercial technician perform business functions as well as start-up and adjustment of the product. They are usually professionals who have training in engineering.

Head of team: team leader has as objective the control and supervision of the sales team. In addition Thanks to his skills of manager get motivate and help your business in daily work. Sales Manager: along with the commercial Director, the sales manager determines the actions to be performed by the sales team of the company. Although it is a profile that less hits the streets to find customers, usually involved in the signing of important contracts. Commercial Director: Is the commercial profile with more corporate responsibility. Directly linked to the management of the company, it is part of both economic and strategic decision-making of the enterprise team. Tickling, commercial profiles tend to be fairly well-paid. With another variable and a fixed part of the salary, the monthly salary of the sales and trade specialists depends directly on its sales.