All of us at some point in our lives we have at least felt joy, joy when directing us to our people, others we have flattered or at least have been able to recognize our efforts and perhaps also triumphs. That is not only good but contributes to enrich and strengthen our ego (self-esteem). Why when recognize that we do it comes, all owe that moral good to others and therefore others to us. This is very nice and makes us feel special. Similarly, it is necessary that our actions are directed by the well, demonstrating our quality of human persons and not simple entities. And speaking of those due behaviors, is worth mentioning that the consideration is important in our daily living, front to whom we have to relate, known or not, as it is marked by a universal law of understanding and appreciation of our fellow human beings. For example, if stay in we meet someone (and sometimes someone very special in our lives) at a time in a place and not can do it for reasons unrelated to our will is advisable to call and apologize, and if possible to postpone the hour or the day. That is to be considered.

Or perhaps if within the relationship one does not show sensitivity to the other party already is with his gestures, words, attentions, then no you will be giving consideration; and therefore the result will not be positive and perhaps in this area many couples dissolve on there no consideration of one of the parties with respect to the other. And not to be man ceased to be objective, since many men are tired after a day of exhausting work and call attention to their partners as if they were Kings with power and right, I wonder if perhaps not have realized for women which meets many times to work strong in its work centers, they arrive home to continue performing familiar tasks (cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, ironing, attending to the children, etc. and they should still attend their partners, it is not be considerate with them.) Otherwise role of couples also It exists and it should not mistreat them with the lack of consideration. But this consideration extends to other aspects of life of persons who would be endless if we analyse one by one. We must be considered with all. That way at least we will be allowing that others also are one. Let the transformation of indifference and belittling of people towards the consideration and reevaluation of their beings.