Paranaense Gymnasium

At no moment of the text relative aspects to music are exaltados, as refining or performance musical technician of the pupils. In another substance, published in the same periodical, in 30 of November of 1937, on the party of closing of the school year, in the Paranaense Gymnasium, that would be carried through in that one same afternoon, the nationalistic tone in the author of the article is also noticed, mainly when it places that: ' ' () He is curious to notice that the musical program only obeys to musics nacionais' ' (Gazette of the People, 30/11/1937). The author if contradicts since later it presents the songs that will be presented by the orfeo of the college, and notices it presence of musics of foreign authors, as for example, Bach. But, it is not alone in articles and substances of periodicals that if find excellent questions for analysis of the speech regarding the education of Music. In 12 of January of 1932, Villa-Wolf delivers to president Getlio Vargas a memorial, one appeals to the head of Government that would deal with the Brazilian artistic way, under the educative purpose.

In this document, Heitor Villa-Wolf, problematiza the artistic question of Brazil, comparing it with the experiences carried through in other countries, and standes out music as best and the more efficient propaganda of Brazil for the exterior. Music and the too much arts for Heitor Villa-Wolf appear as elements that must be valued by a Government worried about the formation of its citizens. In the initial stretch of the letter, in which the author justifies the production of the same one, it appears in accented way the nationalistic speech of Villa-Wolf: In intention to give active services its country, as an enthusiastic patriot who has the had obligation of for a disposal of the administrative authorities all its specialized functions, we prstimos, profession, faith and activity, proven for its public demonstrations of capacity, wants all in Brazil, wants in the foreigner, comes the signatory, for this intermediary, to show Your honor the horrible picture where if finds artistic the way Brazilian, under the point of view of the educative purpose that must be and have for ours patricians, not obstante to be a people possessor, undisputedly, of best dons of the supreme art? (H.